The days of sitting back and wishing upon a star are over. It's time to go out and catch your dreams...
it's time to go to Star Catch Galaxy!

In the year 20XY, legendary space traveler Bucky Dinson invented a spacecraft capable of catching a shooting star and converting it into Wish Power. Most felt Bucky had gone mad and was foolish to even test his ship's potential capabilities, but he was determined to prove otherwise.

Bucky Dinson took his ship and traveled across the far corners of the universe until he discovered a galaxy unlike any other. An endless stream of stars falling from space, ripe for the taking...Bucky Dinson's ship could indeed catch these stars, and he returned with enough Wish Power to make all his dreams a reality...some say he used it to retire rich on a faraway island, others say he used it to pursue his dream of discovering the greatest hangman player in the world.

We may never know what became of Bucky Dinson, but we do know what has become of his beloved "Star Catch Galaxy." Stars still fall freely...but now Star Catchers from near and far have come to catch stars and make their own dreams come true.

It's not only the dreamers there either...Merchants looking to cash in; Pirates looking to plunder; Aliens looking to help or harm; Police hoping to protect. Now is the time for you to join them and catch your own dreams in Star Catch Galaxy!

Features of the Galaxy

-Catch falling stars without missing; get more Star Points with each increasing multiplier wave and top the leaderboard!

-Load your Star Points into the Wish Meter and watch as it converts those Points into Wish Power and other bonuses!

-Crazy events from the mysterious Wormholes to Meteor Showers to those rotten, thieving Pirates!

-4 unique Powerups to enhance your ship and help catch those stars!

-Earn Boosters to power up your Powerups!

-Original Soundtrack that'll transport your mind right into outer space!

-The mighty Wish Machine: When you have enough Wish Power, make a wish in the Wish Machine and see your wish appear on the just might come true...

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