Bernie O'Tag...a legenedary military specialist with countless dangerous missions under his belt...and constant success. So how did scrawny, sweet, innocent Bernard O'Tag become the amazing Bernie O'Tag? In the The Amazing Bernard you will find out by navigating the great Bernie O'Tag through the adventure of a lifetime.

The Amazing Bernard is an epic action/adventure/platformer/runner mix of a game that will take you through the highs and lows of how Bernie O'Tag came to be the legenedary hero he is today. As Bernie you'll soar through the air to just barely pull off a massive'll slide right under a falling spikeball feeling the air across your face as it whizzes by and you'll swing from rope to rope, feet dangling above certain doom.

Bernie can also manipulate the world to help his cause with special powers. As Bernie you'll be able to create platforms to run on and drop in springs to jump from all with the touch of a finger. You can power Bernie with the power of an angel, sparing him from a mistake with wings that will bring him gently to the ground after seemingly sure death.

Within the world of Bernie O'Tag there are great challenges to be toppled, crazy characters to meet and many mysteries to be revealed. What makes Bernie O'Tag amazing is in your hands now...

Features of The Amazing Bernard

-3 chapters...30 levels: 30 no-two-the-same, pulse-pounding, super challenging levels to conquer as you discover the truth of Bernie O'Tag.

-Powerful Powers: Use Bernie's Powers such as creating platforms and springs to keep him alive as he runs...and more! Be wise with that Energy Bar though...

-Challenge Mode: Play all 30 levels in Challenge Mode with each consecutive successful mission earning you more Coins to power Bernie up for the...

-Endless Runner mode: Beat your high score and top the leaderboard in 3 different endless runner levels, each with their own unique challenges.

-Unlock New Characters: Earn and unlock several different characters to take on the endless runner challenge!

-Gorgeous 2D Graphics: Beautiful hand-drawn environments and animation help bring the story of Bernie O'Tag to life! From mystical forests to snow-capped mountains, the world of Bernard is something to behold!

-Epic Soundstrack: A feast for the ears while you jump, slide and create as Bernie!

Designed for mobile devices!

The Amazing Bernard is now available on iOS and Android!