This is the Grid...a magical, mysterious mental challenge...a test of wills...The Grid was created to be broken, but it won't fall easily. With pattern cards, potent Powerups and most importantly your mind, you will answer the question everyone is asking...

How many times can you Break the Grid?

Features of the Grid

-Detailed 2D graphics with 4 unique themes to unlock!

-24 Challenges and Super Challenges providing different tests to pass as you take on the Grid!

-Absorbing original soundtrack, different with each theme!

-Stat tracking: Set your high score and keep tabs on how many times you've broken the Grid!

-The Power Bank: Use points earned in the game on 5 very useful Powerups to aide you as you try to break the Grid.

-Game Center: Compete against your friends in a race to finish all the Challenges with Game Center!

-Open the Grid Genie's Portal: Break Grids, unlock the portal and tackle 3 different mental challenges to earn more Power Points!

-Easy to play, challenging to achieve greatness!

Version 3.0 Features
-Time Mode: An entirely new way to Break the Grid with no move limits as you race against the clock! Get more time back by using fewer moves to break the Grid, helping you break as many as you can before the clock strikes zero!

-Google Play Games: Top the leaderboard and gain XP through achievements with your Google Play Games account on Android!

-Leaderboard: New Game Center leaderboard to see how you stack up with the world when it comes to breaking Grids!

-6 New Challenges: With the new Time Mode, comes six new Challenges to conquer!

Download the game for FREE on the App Store and Google Play!