The Welsh animal that racing scholars have long said was "born to run." Now you have been presented with the opportunity to be a part of the greatest sport in the world, Corgi Racing! Run your own stable, raise and train your corgi from a promising puppy to a legendary champion with all the twists and turns along the track to success.

The world of Corgi Racing is not as sweet and innocent as the dogs competing though. You will face a great many challenges trying to reach the pinnacle of the sport with rival stables looking to keep you down. You won't let them though, soon it will be time to show everyone in the business there is a new "top dog" in town.
It's almost Race Day!


Start from the bottom and work your way up to the top running every aspect of a Corgi Racing stable. Hire and manage a full staff of interesting characters to get the most out of your dogs. Work through offers from sponsors, fans, rivals and more; decide which offers will benefit you with every decision changing the outlook of your stable's future.


Bring a corgi into your stable, raising them from a puppy, taking them on as adult from the outside or even winning them in a Claim Race. Spend quality time with your corgi, feed them, pet them, teach them new tricks and watch them grow up to be best doggie they can be.


Live it up at the fabulous Pembroke Downs where you can watch and wager on the top professional corgis in the world. From Exactas to Quinellas to straight up Winner Bets; you'll feel the thrill with your Wulff on the line with each little stride.

Corgi Race will be coming soon to Steam!