The Grid is going global! With Rule the Grid you will be able to take on all comers in this brand new multiplayer mental challenge. You will play versus friends or random opponents from around the world and rise through the ranks. You will fight to take control of the Grid with the player having the most of their blocks active at the end of 30 turns deemed the winner. You will call upon the Grid Genies for aide, wagering with your opponent to see who will use their power.

You will succeed and you will Rule the Grid!

Features of Rule the Grid

-Compete to Rule the Grid against your friends or anyone in the world!

-Thrilling best 2 out of 3 series each game creating more strategy as you...

-...Wager for the Grid Genies! Use your Bank Points to outbid to use their power...some of which are mighty, some not so much...buyer beware!

-Build your Grid Genie roster and decide which five you want to use for each series. Play them at the right time for maximum effect! -Improve your rank with every game you win!

-Colorful, beautifully animated 2D graphics!

Rule the Grid will be coming to iOS and Android in 2015!