Big Hangman of Fortune v3.1 Update!
Improvements Everywhere!
-New Words and Categories!
-Improved Multiplayer with real-time scoring!
-Faster loading time!
-Fixed Solo Tournament and Daily Challenge scoring bug.
-Menu tweaks

Big Hangman of Fortune v3.0 Update!
New categories, Prizebot and More!
-Brand new categories and clues to help you solve the thousands of mystery words.
-The fabulous Prizebot! Earn tokens and feed them to him to win awesome prizes.
-Fortune Keys! Use them to unlock amazing themes and powerups.
-New and improved menu design
-Improved versus multiplayer
-Optional push notifications to let you know when tournament results are in and when it's your turn.

Big Hangman of Fortune v2.0 Update!
Multiplayer Hangman Action with Friends!
-New Vs Friends 1v1 Mode: Play against your Facebook friends or against a random opponent from anywhere in the world!
-The Big HoF Winners Circle: A new page that tracks the all-time high score, weekly solo winners and the latest top 10.
-Repeat Eliminate Letters: Button to repeat the previous turn's eliminated letters
-View Leaderboards: Allowing you to check Solo and Daily Challenge leaderboards at any time.
-Several menu enhancements

Big Hangman of Fortune v1.5 Update
We've updated Big HoF!
-New and improved Post Score feature, now with fun and random messages based on score and rank, as well as custom messages

Big Hangman of Fortune v1.4 Update
We've updated Big HoF!
-Nifty menu additions and tweaks
-Updated Coin rewards
-Updated a few achievements and added a brand new one (200 3-Star Words)!
-Camera fix for tablets

Big Hangman of Fortune v1.3 Update
We've updated Big HoF with a fix to a repeating word issue that had cropped up. The boo boo is all better now.

Big Hangman of Fortune Coming Very Soon for iOS!
Big HoF is making its way to the world of Apple very soon. We're talking within the next 2 weeks and you'll be able to join in on the word-solving fun with your Android brothers and sisters on iPad and iPhone. Keep checking back here at for the lastest release info!

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