Our Mission

Kumkwat Entertainment strives to provide the best entertainment we can possibly deliver with every product we release. Nothing less than a high-quality and polished gaming experience is acceptable. We will continue to grow with this ever-changing industry with the intent of making each product better than the last; expanding and satisfying our fan community and through that, taking this company and our fans to new heights!

About Us

Kumkwat Entertainment was founded in 1997. In the same year, we released Fat Frog Adventure for the Mac; it was noted as one of the top 1000 US Shareware titles by Japanese publication Takajiarma Magazine. In 1999, our release of Fat Frog RPG for the PC had over 100,000 downloads in its first year (big at the time...I think...). Since that time we have been hard at work on developing top of the line gaming experiences for next-generation consoles and mobile platforms.