Coming 2015 to iOS and Android!

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The Latest

Thank you to everyone for the support during The Week of Kumkwat! There's plenty of updates still to come!

Day One

Star Catch Galaxy
The time for wishing upon a star is's time to go out and catch them!

Day Two

Break the Grid 2.0
The Grid Genie Portal is open bringing new challenges...breaking the Grid will never be the same!

Day Three

Rule the Grid
The Grid goes global! Multiplayer Grid action coming soon in 2015!

Day Four

The Amazing Bernard
The epic action/adventure telling the story of Bernie O'Tag!

Day Five

The Wrapup
It's all over now! Stay tuned here on, Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

Our Mission

Kumkwat Entertainment strives to provide the best entertainment we can possibly deliver with every product we release. Nothing less than a high-quality and polished gaming experience is acceptable. We will continue to grow with this ever-changing industry with the intent of making each product better than the last; expanding and satisfying our fan community and through that, taking this company and our fans to new heights!

About Us

Kumkwat Entertainment was established in 2010 to develop top of the line gaming experiences for mobile platforms. We have a homebase in Maryland, we're led by Blake Mease, and we do indeed (try to) make top of the line gaming experiences for mobile platforms.